10 Style Hacks


coat | H&M
culotte | Weekday (similar here)
shoes | adidas originals
shirt | H&M
shades | Straus Innovations
necklaces | NA-KD

1. Make up

Don’t underestimate the power of make up. When you are on a shopping trip and you are looking at yourself in the mirror, have a look at your face. Do the cloths suit you ? Does your skin colour look fresh or grey ?

When it comes to make up there is one golden rule we all now. Either highlight your eyes or your lips. This is only for darker and stronger colours like black eyes and red lips but you can easily go for a light brown eye and lip.
For me the skin is really important. It should look flawless and fresh. To achieve this I love using bronzer, blush and highlighter. And never forget your eyebrows. They frame your face and make it look put together.
After your foundation is done you don’t need a lot to finish your make up. In the past few weeks I only went for mascara.

2. Black is always a good idea

This hack was quite obvious- I love black! But for me it’s an allround talent. You can wear it from cool, over edgy to chic and you can almost combine every colour to it- especially black itself.

3. Tonal colours

Speaking of combining same colours together… Tonal colour outfits always look perfectly styled and very chic. Gorgeous colours for this trend are white, grey, beige (indeed all nude colours) and of course black.

4. Eliminate

What’s that supposed to mean ? Know what you’ll never wear!
It’s not easy to know your style, but a first step is to know what’s not. When you know what you don’t like or what doesn’t suit you, you’re one step further in finding your personal style.

5. Don’t follow every trend

You’re very welcome to decide that some trends are not your cup of tea! (see point 4)
For me this would be colour blocking.
In addition to this you can combine “old” trends with new items. That also safes some money!

6. Sleep on it

Let the piece that you found in a store where it was, go home and get some distance from it. When you really want to have it and fell in love, it won’t leave your mind. Then you know if it’s the right for you.

I waited six weeks until I finally got my hands on this lovely coat.

(Instagram: carinablumenau, photo taken by @hazel_bo)

coat | Monki
shoes | adidas originals
shirt | H&M
shades | candycouturecologne
necklaces | NA-KD

7. Don’t remove the price tag

This doesn’t mean you should wear your new cloths with the tag still on.
If you recognize that you are unsure about an item or that you just didn’t wear it, you can bring it back to the store.

8. Invest in high quality jewellery

With this I especially mean rings. They easily lose their colour after you’ve washed your hands for the thousands time.
I don’t buy earrings or necklaced in high quality, because I think they don’t lose their colour that quick and you now have the opportunity to make small changes on your look with new jewellery.

A good alternative to the very expensive silver and gold jewellery are materials like brass and stainless steel. Gold-plated silver is also cheaper.

9. Declutter your closet

Clean your closet once in a while! You’ll have more space- for new stuff (; . You can earn some money and other people can be really happy with all the things that you don’t want anymore. Recycling!
Most important is that it will free your mind and you’ll feel a bit lighter. You are on your best way to find your personal style.

10. Don’t compare yourself to others

The last but not least hack is the most important and definitively the most difficult one. I don’t stick to this myself but we should all concentrate on ourselves so we can know our own style.

It’s easier said than done. I’ll try my best!


I hope you enjoyed my hacks. Do you have some tipps you want to share ? (:


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7 Replies to “10 Style Hacks”

  1. Maus, du bringst es auf dem Punkt!
    Ich kann alles so unterschreiben. 🙂
    Achja, und die Schuhe aus deinem allblack Look stehen schon sooo lange auf meiner Wishlist.
    Und das mit “schlaf eine Nacht drüber” mache ich eigentlich immer. Aber ich habe mir auch schon oft
    in den Popo gebissen, weil es dann ausverkauft war und ich es somit umso mehr wollte! haha

    Liebste Grüße
    Franzy von http://www.fashionforffranzy.com

    1. Thought it wod’lnut to give it a shot. I was right.

  2. Super Punkte die du da angesprochen hast! Das mit den Preisschildern mache ich auch immer ;D
    Leider gibt es viel zu wenig vergoldete Ringe die einigermaßen bezahlbar sind. Ich habe mal gehört dass H&m angebliche welche hat, aber das ist anscheinend nicht mehr aktuell oder noch nicht bei uns in Deutschland angekommen:(

    Liebe Grüße


    1. Hey Laura,
      ich habe mir neulich welche bei Spinning Jewelry geholt. Die gibt es aber leider nur in Dänemark. Falls du wen dort kennst, solltest du dir die Seite mal anschauen ! 😀
      Danke für deinen Kommentar 🙂
      Liebe Grüße

      1. Life is short, and this article saved valalbue time on this Earth.

    2. Oh yeah, faluuobs stuff there you!

    3. It’s always a pleasure to hear from someone with exrpetise.

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