20 Random Facts

I thought the best way to start a blog is to introduce myself. So here are some random facts about me (:

1. I love Sushi. I’m kind of an expert by now : D

2. I’m Vegetarian (98% of the time)

3. My biggest wish is to skype or text with my dog Ivy : D

4. I have a younger sister and an even younger Half-Sister (same father)

5. I have used Tinder (successfully)

6. I used to be a “Horse Girl”

7. Last year I became allergic to EVERYTHING- thank god I am not against water and oxygen

8. I drove a scooter since I turned 15 (until I turned 18 and could drive my grandmums car)

9. I  LOVE going to the cinema and eating loads of popcorn

10. In summer I eat ice cream- EVERY DAY

11. London and Cologne are my favourite cities

12. I love Diet Coke

13. I have four tattoos

14. I have an “animal voice”- means, I talk to animals with a different voice than I do with humans (oh god, you are so cuuuute)

15. I am kind of shy and sensitive even though everyone thinks I am super tough

16. I prefer driving for 6 hours than flying for 1 hour

17. I am actually romantic but I don’t really show it

18. Black is my favourite colour

19. I always think that people don’t like me when they meet me (even though they like me when they get to know me)

20. I love to love

For those of you who made it until here and are kind of interested in me and what I am going to do with this blog, I have some more “normal” facts about me.

My name is Carina (obviously), 24 years old, my birthday is on the 13th of February, born and raised in Cologne, currently living in London.

I have my dog Ivy for four years now and I am obsessed with her. (You’ll notice ‘: D Maybe I love her too much)

I study Media Technology in Germany and Digital Design in London.

That’s it so far! I hope to see you again on my blog. I would love to read something about you in the comments (:

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4 Replies to “20 Random Facts”

  1. Nochmal viel Erfolg mit der Seite, Süße ;-* LG

    1. Oooohhh wie lieb von dir : ) DANKE !! <3

  2. Beste Fraue – bester Blog!
    Miss you <3

    1. oh süße danke !!! so lieb. ich vermisse dich auch! <3

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