#allblackeverything on a daily basis

Hello lovely people,

a few weeks ago I shot this #allblackeverything look with my lovely Franzy. But since time is running too fast I couldn’t find the time to do a post about it. I didn’t have time for Instagram, too. I mean, I AM posting on a regular basis but not as much and as good as I’d like to. It’s just so much time you have to spend on this app. Posting, liking, commenting… And how am I supposed to do great pictures alone? #lonelygirlproblems
Do you feel me? : D

Ode to black- #allblackeverything

Okay anyways… This is an outfit I kind of wear everyday. I wear sneaker instead of heels and leggings instead of tights. And no lipstick. My whole face changes when I am wearing lipstick. I could wear a minimum amount of makeup but when I add lipstick I look like I spend hours of hours and tons of makeup…
But like this it looks much better I think! : )

I literally LIVE in black cloths. It’s getting worse and worse. But black is my comfort colour. I feel better when wearing black. So why not? Isn’t this whole fashion thing all about feeling your best in the end?
AND black matches everything so you have fun with your pieces for longer.

I love wearing small bags at the moment. This one is from Zara but since it is a bit older they don’t sell it anymore. If you like the patches style but don’t want to spend too much money on it or you don’t know if it suits you, you can use pins/sticker or patches.
Pins: herehere or here.
Patches: hereherehere or here

Ivy is the most gorgeous living being on earth!!!! <3

The shoes aren’t too bad either. I bought them in Barcelona last summer. They could be more comfortable though.


sweater| Zara
dress| Orsay
bag| Zara (similar here)
shoes| Zara (similar here)
rings| Spinning Jewelry
ips| nyx lingerie embellishment 02

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  1. Ohhh das sieht so toll aus! Dir steht aber auch alles! Liebe die Art wie du schreibst, so authentisch iwie!

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