Long time no see!

People who know me always see me running around in oversized shirts and jackets. A new thing is that I love to wear wide and lose pants now as well. I LIVE in them !

Here is an outfit which I shopped during SALE- yeah. (Sorry for the dirty sole of my shoes. They didn’t seem that dirty in real life… ups… just evidence to proof that I really wear them all the time : D)



Shirt| H&M

Trousers| H&M

Coat| H&M

Hat| Portobello Road Market

Backpack| Portobello Road Market

Rings| H&M (older)

Necklace| Old Spitalfield Market

Watch| Casio

Shoes| Catwalk Deichmann (older)

© Photos by Kathrin Werner Photography

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    1. AKAIK youv’e got the answer in one!

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