Favourites: January

New year, new blog category! This year I want to launch “favourites” blog posts. At the end of each month I want to show you things I enjoyed using/ wearing/ reading/ watching : ) Today I will show you some beauty products that I got for christmas and some other nice things that I bought […]

Step by Step Makeup

Actually I wanted to create a Christmas Makeup until I noticed that I wear the same one that I do the whole year. So I decided to capture all the steps of the makeup I did for a birthday party with dinner and movie night afterwards. Normally I am more the BB-Cream type of girl […]

Online Advent Calendar

Since all the advent calendars and contests I found are on german websites, I don’t think you could take part from an other country because of the shipping. I’m sorry! For those of you who are based in Germany switch the language to German and have a look at the weblinks : )

20 Random Facts

I thought the best way to start a blog is to introduce myself. So here are some random facts about me (: 1. I love Sushi. I’m kind of an expert by now : D 2. I’m Vegetarian (98% of the time) 3. My biggest wish is to skype or text with my dog Ivy : […]