#allblackeverything on a daily basis

Hello lovely people, a few weeks ago I shot this #allblackeverything look with my lovely Franzy. But since time is running too fast I couldn’t find the time to do a post about it. I didn’t have time for Instagram, too. I mean, I AM posting on a regular basis but not as much and as good […]

My Year 2016

And there it is… The end of the year 2016. When did time pass by so fast ? I think the older I get, the faster time runs. I bet there are some scientific proofs for this. I now want to share my end-of-the-year review with you. This year was definitively my year of travelling. […]

Blogging yes or no

I have a problem. I am not sure about continuing my blog and Instagram. But why is this a problem ? My job/ studies My studies and job have absolutely nothing to do with the blogger and instagram world. Maybe it’s not a problem worth talking about and maybe most of you wouldn’t agree with […]

Last days of summer [last summerlook]

Last days of summer- summer is coming to an end [summerlook] Summer is coming to an end and (as almost every year) I feel like I missed all of it. Last year I was sitting at University and this year I was freezing in congress centers. At least it feels like that. The only thing that […]