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Due to a full schedule this post is only available in detail in german. I will write a shorter version below.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

I am using the Dermalogica products for a month now after I’ve been at a “face mapping” where they analyzed my skin and gave me the perfect products for it.


The Cleansing


This duo with the”precleanse” and the “special cleansing gel” is perfect for it. After using this your face is more than clean. Use the precleanse on you dry face and rinse it off with water. After that I use the special cleansing gel.

The “Daily microfoliant” is a very gentle scrub that I use once a week.

The Care

After cleaning my face I use the “multi-active toner” on a cotton pad (because when I spray it I have it in my hair and ears, too 😀 ). Especially for my skin I use the “active moist” cream. It’s super light and nurishing with a nice smell and perfect for my oily but dry and sometimes acne prone skin.

The eye cream was in the goodie bag and was not further recommended during my face mapping. I don’t really notice differences when it comes to eye creams. I wanted to show you it anyways.

In the morning bevor I apply makeup I use the  “Skin perfect primer“(SPF30).


When I started using the products I suggested that my skin would become worse before it gets better. This is a normal thing that can happen when you change your beauty routine and you should not stop using the new products. The skin has to get used to all the new high quality ingredients.

So for my skin. It got better. Then worse. And now I don’t know.

I will continue using it, because as I said you cannot expect to have the perfect results after a short time of using it. But still I am really convinced that the products are really good for my skin and that the dermalogica experts can find the perfect product for my skin at the face mapping.




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Here some pics from the event 🙂





Transparency note:

I was invited to do a FaceMapping and received the products for free. I am not paid for any posting. 

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