Favourites: January

New year, new blog category!

This year I want to launch “favourites” blog posts. At the end of each month I want to show you things I enjoyed using/ wearing/ reading/ watching : )

Today I will show you some beauty products that I got for christmas and some other nice things that I bought in London. I think only because of this fact they will be favourites forever. #ilovelondon #secondhome

1. bareMinerals Complexion Rescue

bareMinerals put a lot effort in the name- “Complexion Rescue- tinted hydrating gel creme”. In the end it’s just another expression for a BB cream or tinted moisturizer. I was thinking about buying this cream for a while now, because I wanted to have something cleaner, fresher and purer on my skin during the whole day. When it comes to skincare I am very exemplary. I remove my makeup every evening, I apply creams and oils and toners (not TOO much. The skin has to breathe) but when it comes to makeup I use the cheapest creams. Paradox, right?

So now I have this wonderful more natural and light BB cream that has no oils, no silicons, no perfume and it has SPF 30 as well. What convinced me most were the description and videos on the bareMinerals website. The cream is water and not oil based! (You should really have a look at the video where they put different creams into a glas of water) Maybe it is not better for your skin- who knows? (I am not a dermatologist : D ) But the application is easy. It has a light coverage that you can build up by applying another layer. (I have the lightest shade)



2. Benefit Hoola

Social Media got me! I saw the big hype about the benefit hoola bronzer, ignored it but then finally bought one : D And I have to say that it is actually a really great product. The application is great and easy and the colour is just perfectly right. Most of the cheaper drugstore bronzer have a very orange undertone.

3. M2Lashes

After someone recently complimented me on my long lashes I started to use the M2Lashes serum again. I bought it over a year ago after I saw great results on my mum and sister. I used it like an eyeliner right above my lash line every evening for a few weeks. When you finished doing this you only apply it once a week or so. I have to say: The result was amazing! It is quite expensive BUT it lasts you for a very long time and it gives you great results. The only downside of this serum is that it darkens your skin above the lash line. (If you want to know more about this please feel free to contact me)


4. ogx Coconut Water

I found this coconut water at Boots which is basically a mixture of coconut oil and coconut water- sounds perfect?!

It really is !! The hair smells amazing and is super soft. The product is not heavy on the hair. I really like to use it on a daily basis. But you have to be careful with putting too much of it on your hair. It still is an oil that can make your hair greasy.


5. Ringe

Last but definitely not least are these gorgeous rings!

I love wearing rings as long as I don’t have to take them off all the time because they could lose some colour. The only solution for this problem would be wearing real gold or silver rings, wouldn’t it ? No, because there are some great alternatives. If you want to wear silver jewellery without spending too much money you can switch over to stainless steel. Golden accessories are sometimes made out of brass. I found these beautiful rings at the Old Spitalfield Market in London.


Please write in the comments [1] if you know and use the products, [2] if you agree or disagree with me and [3] what your favourites of the months are :  )

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