Pressing Pause

As you might or might not know, I am currently living in London. This is city is unique, no place looks quite like another and I’ve  seen and experienced things that I never did in Germany. (Maybe I will do a small London Guide) There are markets, foodmarkets, theaters, cinemas, clubs and parties everywhere. It is amazing. BUT- even here there is a downside.

It is always loud, always crowded and you always smell and breathe the car waste gas emissions. There are around 8,5 million people living in London plus all the tourists. So it is no surprise that there are always a lot of people in the city. That is what makes the city special, it alive and everyone loves it when on a visit. But when you get pushed by crowds of people through the streets, you can’t find a place where you can sit down with a magazine and a coke and you breathe in dirty air instead of fresh air when you are out for a run, you kind of feel like needing a break. A pause-button which you can press if you want to flee from all this. Especially when a construction area in front of your window wakes you up at 7 am and some roadworks on the other side of the house keep you awake at night. At some point your body screams “stop” and you get a tinnitus or a twitching eyelid (just as visualization :D)

I have my time-out/ pause-button/ calm anchor at my parents home and my dog. Normally I am with my dog Ivy 24/7. It is normal for me to stand up in the morning and go outside in the rain before breakfast or have a late night walk in my pyjama. I don’t have a problem with that. I love it. It calms me down and helps me. There were so many times when I started a walk totally annoyed, angry or sad and came back with a calmer and happier mood.

I had this time-out a view weeks ago. I slept in a bed that was no stranger to me. I enjoyed the silence. It has been a few days when my blood pressure could relax a bit. It is nice to know that I can go there whenever I need to. No metropolis can conquer my family and my home. Home is where the dog is!



(small side note: Normally Ivy is living with me- she is not a family dog, she is MY dog. I pay the taxes, I go to the vet and I walk here every single time she has to. But I had to give her to my mum for the 5 months that I am here in London. And you may be laughing when I tell you that I cry sometimes because of that  😀 )

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