Step by Step Makeup

Actually I wanted to create a Christmas Makeup until I noticed that I wear the same one that I do the whole year.

So I decided to capture all the steps of the makeup I did for a birthday party with dinner and movie night afterwards.

Normally I am more the BB-Cream type of girl but when I want to make sure that everything stays in place the whole day, I go for foundation.

Please be nice with me- I did all the pictures by myself. And YES I look different without Makeup!

See all the products at the end.

1. Foundation

First step should always be moisturizer.

For applying foundation I like to use the RealTechniques brush. I always use a small amount of foundation, because I don’t like the feeling of a thick mask on my face. If I need more coverage on some blemishes or acne scars, I either use another thin layer of foundation or concealer.

For my dark under eye circles I apply concealer with my fingers and blend it with the foundation brush.

I set everything with powder- transparent on the eye area.

2. Contouring

When I don’t have a lot of time I just rush with a big brush over my face.

When I do have some time I apply some bronzer on my cheeks and forehead. As a trick you can draw a “3” on your face. Starting on the forehead to the cheeks and finally to the chin.

With a smaller brush I contour my lips and nose.

I put the highlighter on the highest point of my cheeks, my nose and above my lips. It’s a very quiet and natural highlighter. I think you even don’t really see it on the pictures.

3. Eyebrows

As you can see in the pictures above, I don’t have super thick and nicely shaped eyebrows. Poor me they are super light as well.

That’s why I use a brown eyebrow powder to fill them in and give them a nice shape.

Because I am a bit too lazy to dye my eyebrows all the time, I use a brown eyebrow gel.

I put a light eyeshadow under my eyebrows. The rest that is on the brush goes on to the eyelids.

4. Eyes

To create a bit more depth, I put a darker eyeshadow in my crease and blend it out.

What works best for me to create a nice eyeliner is a small brush and a gel eyeliner.

I apply the same brown eyeshadow on the lower lashline.

Last step would be mascara. I am not a fan of super expensive mascaras, because I think they all do the same job. At least for me as I have long and curled lashes.

5. Lips

To make the lipstick last longer I always fill out my lips with a lipliner and put the lipstick on top.

I really like nude/ brown matte lips. This lipstick is very very close to the “Velvet Teddy” from Mac and lasts super long.



For some information about the t-shirt* switch to German (they only ship to german cities I think)


moisturizer| Clarins Fluide Hydratant Matifiant & L’oreal Skin Perfection Eyecream

Foundation| L’oréal indefectible – medium to high coverage, relatively matte, long lasting

Brush| Real Techniques-

Concealer| Catrice Liquid Camouflage – very high coverage, light colours

Puder| Essence transparent & Balea

Bronzer| Rival de Loop- very affordable, nice shimmer, no glitter

Highlighter| Catrice Prime and Fine Highlighting Powder

Eyebrowpowder| Essence (darker shade)

Eyebrowgel| Catrice (brown)

Eyeliner| Essence gel eyeliner- very old but still not dried out

Mascara| Essence Lash Princess

Lipliner| MUA

Lipstick– Max Factor (burnt caramel)- as I said,

very similar to “Velvet Teddy” from Mac

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  1. hammer wie gut du das step by step machen kannst!
    So einen Blogpost wollte ich schon seit Ewigkeiten machen und ich glaube ich weiß jetzt wer mir dabei helfen kann hihi 🙂

    Kussi Franzy

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