Finding Balance

Originally I was planning on doing a weekly update/ weekly review post, but I am not in the mood to put in words what was going. I was working a lot, away from home a lot, away from my loved ones and a lot has changed. I experienced a lot of luck and happiness but […]

Blogging yes or no

I have a problem. I am not sure about continuing my blog and Instagram. But why is this a problem ? My job/ studies My studies and job have absolutely nothing to do with the blogger and instagram world. Maybe it’s not a problem worth talking about and maybe most of you wouldn’t agree with […]

Pressing Pause

As you might or might not know, I am currently living in London. This is city is unique, no place looks quite like another and I’ve  seen and experienced things that I never did in Germany. (Maybe I will do a small London Guide) There are markets, foodmarkets, theaters, cinemas, clubs and parties everywhere. It […]