Weekly Review #02


I want to share more than the last seven days with you, because it was just so much that has happened. BUT FIRST THINGS FIRST… I finally finished my studies. Bachelor of Science, B***** ­čśÇ
This doesn’t mean that I chill my life, especially because I already did the first semester of the Master. But the last two weeks I barely did anything.

I was invited to a blogger event with Dermalogica* last week where they did a “face-mapping” on me to find out which products are the best for my skin. More about this will be in a separate post after I had some time testing all the products. But my first impression is… <3
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Other activities are listed┬áin the cheesy section of this post ­čśë


I’m so super thankful for a lot of small things that are happening in my life right now. Here some examples:

My family came to pick me up from my bachelor colloquium to eat some ice cream with me! How cute is that? After that I had a great evening with my sister and in general a few small shopping trips that were great ­čÖé


I met so many great people the last few weeks. Some may be “only” new Instagram friends but some are growing into real friends with girl trips and fun! kisses to all of you <3

I am also so thankful for all my “old” friends who have been by my side for so so many years now. We are going through tough times of exams or thesis and celebrate each other afterwards for it ­čśë

And a little bit extra love to┬á@marijhartwig┬á┬áfor all the fun photo sessions, boomerang fun, days at the lake, trips to the countryside, Christopher Street Day fun, having dinner together, enjoying summer, good advices, Harry Potter movie nights, …. <3




Bigheaded people!


During my bachelor thesis I didn’t have that much time to watch a lot BUT I really enjoyed “Brooklyn Nine Nine” (especially because one episode is only 20min which you can perfectly squeeze in). I took a little while to really fall for this show but when I did I laughed many times. I really started to love all the characters!
Same thing┬áwith “Modern Family“… Maybe I am the last person to notice this amazing show but now I am addicted.

Sneak peak

I am going to Copenhagen this week to meet my awesome London-Girls <3 I am so happy to get to see you again.
After that I’m on love mission in Zurich for a whole week ­čÖé

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